Dear Reader,

It was like I’d hit a wall and reached the point of wondering if my life was over, or at best hardly worth living. Three years widowed with the two airlines I’d served for thirty years, gone. It was as if there would be no more sunrises ahead ... until I met Bing an artist, who was also alone. We had chemistry, we married.

We sold what had been ours before to begin again, start anew. We bought a tired old house in Connecticut and started rebuilding it. As time passed, lots of time passed, the house was finally done and we thought we were done too. “NEVER AGAIN!” we shouted from our rebuilt rooftop.

The honeymoon we never had was finally booked into a tiny French village, far far away. Our new lives of writing and painting would begin there, in earnest.

Then we fell in love with the village, its people and … (oh no!) an ancient, very tired old house … all over again.

BON COURAGE is the Déjà vu story of our NEVER AGAIN, but this time in French!

It is funny, sad, scary, combative, conciliatory, loving and fun. Bottom line, I think it is a hell of a story.


Ken McAdams